Monday, September 23, 2013

Soccer Parade

In between kindergarten homework and house renovations, Monkey has been playing soccer. Grandma T is the coach, Aunt A is the assistant coach, and RHCR is his enthusiastic team mate. Mrs. Z is in charge of keeping our newest cousin, A, entertained during soccer type activities. It's a pretty sweet deal. 

A weekend or two ago the soccer team was in the local Fall Festival parade. Monkey had a FANTASTIC time waving to the people and throwing candy. 

With the aforementioned cousin A. Mrs. Z was the only one sunburned. Naturally. 

Their team name is Dynamite. Monkey loves to do his cheer. It goes like this: "Dynamite!"

He's really enjoying playing soccer, and it's nice to have some time with the new neph and enjoy the fantastic fall weather we've been having. It's a good break from the stresses of running our real estate empire. That being said, we'll also welcome having full weekends open for house projects when soccer ends in a few weeks. 

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