Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dinner a la Monkey

We have been homebodies this past month, as we continue to battle virus after cold after infection. It's pretty boring, honestly. But it has been nice to have some time to just hang out together between disinfecting and restocking the Kleenex. It's also given us some time to find more creative activities here at home. For instance, Monkey now has his first chore - feeding Dog. He is quite good at eyeballing the right amount of food, even if his scooping skills are somewhat...irregular. He's also started cooking dinner for humans:
His custom recipe for dinner included flour, oats, water, and red, green and yellow food coloring. Most surprising was that Dog actually really liked it, and ate about half before we got it away from him.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Mrs. Z's shots from the park

We have survived the first two weeks of Mrs. Z's new semester, and poor Monkey has been sick for the past week, with Mrs. Z catching up for lost time by coming down with it yesterday. In addition, the car thermometer yesterday morning read: 4. That is it. No other digits. Just, 4. So we are thinking a little wistfully of magical 60 degree temperatures... such as those from New Year's Eve:

Until it's warm again, we are trying ride out this latest sickness on the couch. Thank goodness that there are 13 versions of "Dinosaur Show". (Something we never thought we'd say, but now state completely devoid of irony.) If someone at PBS wanted to rush some more episodes of Dinosaur Train to the Netflix streaming market, we certainly would not complain.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Year's Eve

It was so warm on New Year's Eve that we took off for the park! Mrs. Z and Aunt B both brought their cameras. Here is Aunt B's take:

New skill
Wipe Out
If he had his way, all the pictures we have of him would be variations on this theme:

Mrs. Z has fought the tongue-out habit for so many years she isn't really thrilled to see it passed on, especially if he wants to perform later:

Yeah, those eyes are still blue.

Friday, January 7, 2011


Greetings, interwebotron. The month of December was marked by great sickness in our house, ending with a good case of croup just days before Christmas. But Christmas came anyway, and looked a little like this:

Christmas Eve:

The amazing gift contained in the box from the picture above:

A very good time was had by all. We hope you enjoyed your holidays as much as we did ours!