Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I Mustache You A Question...

These pictures were taken in early December, when Monkey had his first haircut with his new barber lady. She includes a free mustache with Monkey's haircut. This one was a surprisingly good color match. If you'll recall, on his Christmas letter to Santa he said he had been good this year because he kept his mustache clear. So perhaps these images are a glimpse of his facial haired future. 

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Christmas Past

A photo essay on Christmas 2012
Monkey's Christmas list, partially self-written
We were too late for Santa's mailbox, but it all worked out when we found Santa riding on a motorcycle!
RHCR: "Let's steal it!"
Monkey: "We can't steal it because that isn't a  NICE thing to do!"
Aunt B terrorizing the littles

Photo op
Petting carriage horses with Aunt B and Aunt A
Train time at the park with Aunt M and Uncle A
The first family Christmas hosted at our house. We polished the family silver and everything!
Apparently you can wear your jammies if you're cute. 
Panoramic photo on Christmas Eve. Hopefully our last Christmas in this house!
After Christmas.
Aunt L gave him a Finn McMissile watch and he had to use his  headlight to read about clocks after bedtime. 
A few days after Christmas Monkey was riding in the car with Mrs. Z. 
Monkey: "Will you miss me so much at Christmas next year?" 
Mrs. Z: "Where will you be next year?"
Monkey: "I'll be at kindergarten next year."

We hope your holidays were similarly merry and bright!