Monday, August 5, 2013

All Over but the Crying

Our brave boy got on the bus with no fuss and in a timely fashion. The end of the school day was not quite as smooth, unfortunately. The bus was over 45 minutes late bringing him home, which means that he was on the bus for almost 2 hours. The first thing he told us when he got off the bus was: "You were wrong, Mom. We do have nap at school. We all took a rest. You could rest on the floor or in a chair."

Soon thereafter, he jumped into my lap and wouldn't budge. He swears that his teacher told him that he was boring and stupid and she just kept using those words over and over, because of the cars and the lego men and it all started to get very confused. He says that he was not a good listener for her, because he was being 'sneaky good' which means that he was being good when she couldn't see him, but sounds an awful lot like he was up and wandering around when he shouldn't have been. 

They did feed him lunch, although he said he forgot his lunch money and they 'lost' him in the wrong line, because even though he was in the food line he was in the wrong class. The check was missing from his backpack though, so I'm guessing that his teacher took it out along with his school supplies. 

We offered him his choice of restaurants, and he wanted to stay home and eat hot dogs. Until he didn't. And then there was screaming and crying for about twenty minutes before he could be convinced to eat his hot dog. 

He said that he ate an apple and a sandwich and had some milk at school, and that he liked playing outside at recess. His class read two books that were funny and talked about numbers. There was one girl in his class that he knew from preschool, who was an afternoon kid who waved at him but he said he did not wave back at her. The kid who likes Star Wars was there and he was little but he didn't remember his name. 

We fed him watermelon and smoothie and gave him a bath and we all curled up on the couch for one episode of 80's Transformers (I quite prefer Transformers Prime, so this was a real concession.) And now he is screaming and sobbing in his bed at 7:15 p.m. because he is exhausted out of his MIND. As are we. 

Everything looks better in the morning. 

A very brave boy