Tuesday, March 24, 2009

9 Month Stats

Monkey had his nine month check up on Monday and here are his new stats:

15 lbs, 12 oz
~26 inches long

Yeah. That puts him at the bottom of the 3rd percentile for height and weight. But his head is holding strong in the 10th! This wasn't much of a surprise as he wore his 3-6 month size outfit to the doctor's office, but still. The doctor readily accepted our explanation of Monkey's dramatic increase in mobility as a huge calorie burner since he was walking all over the exam room (with fingers, of course) and showing her his most excellent boat pose while she was trying to check him out. She would like us to keep our follow up appointment at Prestigious Children's Hospital just to make sure that our ongoing food issues (puking and/or screaming all night with certain foods) aren't keeping him from growing like he should. We are thinking that we may request a different doctor, since we did not enjoy our last experience there. She did say that he is gorgeous and perfect in every other way, and if we weren't still having food issues she would just say he is small and leave it at that. So, the saga continues. He is staying on his acid reflux medicine until we get his food allergies worked out.

In the meantime, Monkey is the proud (but possessive and shy) owner of two new teeth. TWO! AT ONCE! Photo evidence will be provided as soon as he cooperates.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Monkey Goes To Baptist Church

As part of Aunt B's grad school program, she works at a local church as their Minister of Children and Youth. The church doesn't have spring break, so we have been lucky to attend this church for both Sunday morning service and Wednesday night dinner. They have been exceptionally kind and welcoming to us, and it is no surprise that Monkey is very popular with the congregation.

On Sunday morning, Aunt B brought Monkey up front to serve as the object lesson for the 'Kid's Time'. She spoke about how he still needs help to do many things (despite what he may think) and how God asks us to serve one another. The pastor said it was the first time they have ever had a live show and tell during worship.

Tonight at dinner, Monkey was not feeling his best but still managed to work the room and win a few hearts. Hopefully they will all remember his excellent behavior on Sunday and forget his high chair protestations on Wednesday.

After the dinner, Monkey enjoyed a leisurely picnic under the stars visiting with Aunt B's best friend K while Aunt B led youth group.

As Mr. Z so often says, Enjoy it now, Monkey. Later you will have to pay big money for that kind of service.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Letter from Monkey

Dear Mr. Z -

Today was a more restful venture, with some lovely walks, long naps and a trip to the local pool to demonstrate my mad swimming skillz. Unfortunately I was unable to document that experience, but I am sure you would have been most impressed. Instead, I offer you some of my recent adventures in futbol.



Monday, March 9, 2009

A Letter from Monkey

Dear Mr. Z -

I would like to keep you updated on today's experiments so that you are fully briefed upon our return. It is a shame you are not exploring this exotic locale with us, as there is just so much science to be done here! Here are a few of today's highlights (although I assure you that there were even more experiments performed than are listed here):

Drove boats.Made sounds.
Studied amphibians.
(Alligators as well as turtles, the turtles being the more exciting.)
Joined NASA.
Enjoyed zero gravity.
Bubbles. They are highly suspicious.
Rode a horse.
Mastered rock climbing.
Tamed a twister.

All of this before the afternoon siesta, of course. In the evening I enjoyed a rousing game of cross-species soccer, an excellent meal of peas, rice and whole grains, and a raucous bath.

How was your day?

Love, Monkey

Spring Break Woo!

We are very pleased to report that Monkey is a great flyer and we are safely in North Carolina enjoying our spring break. More pictures to follow shortly, but here's a little taste:

Monday, March 2, 2009

Houston, we have a... mover?

It may not be the most elegant crawling, but we think it counts. Of all the motivational objects that we have used to encourage crawling, it seems rather unsurprising that it was a cell phone that finally did the trick. We foresee many gadgets in our future.