Monday, February 18, 2013

Well, ACTually...

Someone answers every question with "Well, ACTually..."

Monkey is taking swim lessons and he LOOOOOOOVES them. He is the most eager Level 2 Frog ever. We have a hard time getting him out of the pool. 

Last week Mrs. Z had to help as Monkey's new cousin was born, so Mr. Z got tickets for the basketball game happening on campus after swim class. Monkey watched the first half,  took a lot of pictures on the phone, ate a hot dog, some popcorn and three Z bars and then was ready to wander around the stadium. Oh well. 

He finally saw Star Wars last weekend. His favorite part was "the abominable snow monster". He asked Mr. Z why Yukon Cornelius didn't save Luke Skywalker earlier. He got bored in the middle of Empire Strikes Back, and hasn't asked to rewatch them. We think he prefers the Lego version. He had a playdate with an older friend today and they beat on each other with plastic light sabers for about 90 minutes. Our friend was Darth Maul for awhile and then they both were Jedi and Monkey had the green light saber so he was the leader of the Jedi. 

After bath tonight, as a Power Ranger Samurai tattoo from Valentine's Day is being affixed to his arm: 
"Go, go Samurai. That's what I always tried to be. But it didn't work out. So I tried to be Iron Man but that didn't work out either. So then I tried to be a Jedi. That worked out okay."