Thursday, January 31, 2008

Today's Post Brought To You By The Number 18

Well, we are 18 weeks today. Our next ultrasound is scheduled for February 18th. We will be hoping that Monkey wants to share its secrets with us but we'll just have to wait and see what happens. No news on the nursery yet.

New stats:

about the size of a bell pepper
about 5.5" long
about 7 oz
hearing is starting to develop and lots of moving around is keeping Monkey busy, although no one can tell but the Zoo Keeper!

Friday, January 25, 2008

17 weeks

We saw the doctor again today and everything is fine. We like the doctor because the first thing he said to us this morning was, "And how is that exceptional child doing?" Heartbeat is strong and steady and Monkey loves to kick against the seatbelt when we're riding in the car. We'll be setting up our next ultrasound sometime next week, so we should know what gender Monkey is by the beginning of March.

Again, we say: NO PINK, PLEASE!

New stats:
17 weeks, 1 day
just over 5" long (still not measuring legs)
just under 5 oz

A well-known local artist and friend of the Zoo Keepers is working on sketches for the nursery. A magical forest (like the Chronicles of Narnia, not a jungle) should be in place in the next week or two.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

16 week update

New stats (all approximate):

now the size of an avocado
4.5" long
3.5 oz
This week: growing toenails, moving eyes (although they're still closed), pumping 25 quarts of blood through the heart each day

Getting set for a big growth spurt over the next few weeks! We're still at least another 4-6 weeks or so until our next ultrasound, where we will see if we can find out the gender.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Sneak Preview

Here is the photo evidence of Monkey's existence. These pictures are from 11 weeks, 6 days, and Monkey measures right on schedule, or, depending on the angle, a few days ahead. Comments from the doctor:
"It's clear from this scan that this is an exceptional child."
"Hey, it's a Monkey!"

And that, friends, is where this blog began.

First Post!

Strange that a human who has not yet been born and is currently the size of a softball has begun to blog. Clearly this is a brave new world.

Monkey's stats:

15 weeks, 1 day old
about 4"
weighs about 2 ozs

So. Welcome to Monkey's blog! You can check here for updates on Monkey's progress and eventually real photos and such. We hope you enjoy it.