Wednesday, February 23, 2011

We are Very Boring

We haven't done much lately: play with trains, visit the children's museum, go to Target. But we did have a playdate this weekend some of Mrs. Z's best friends and their conveniently close in age little boys! The boys had a great time fighting over trains and refusing to eat dinner. Or maybe that was just Monkey. At any rate, they were hilarious and we can't wait to get them all together again:
Monkey made this face for about 45 seconds before the picture was taken, it means "CHEEEEEESE"

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Winter Hardy

Icepocalypse 2011 has left us in possession of our electricity, heat, and French toast supplies and yet as it leaves it is taking our tolerance for each other's activities with it. Truly, the weather has been nothing compared to the challenges of two adults attempting to actually work from home while entertaining a housebound toddler. We are so glad to have the playroom functional for just such occasions.
Monkey has made a valiant attempt to interest himself in trains. Such hard work. ( <--sarcasm). When that doesn't work out, he opens up pockets or drawers or what-have-you and explores their contents. Sometimes this has happy results, such as the discovery of butterfly hair clips. We'll just pretend that this is an early sign of spring.