Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Halloween/Birthday Song

Since Aunt B has headed back to her island, Monkey made her a video for her birthday (yesterday). it was about Halloween, of course, which he is being brainwashed into thinking is the best holiday ever (although it can't overcome Christmas and his birthday, for obvious reasons. We're still trying.)

The entire song lasted for an 18 minute car ride to Target, and included several other sections and a verse about 'Brenda, stop saying "you better not have fun without me"'. I was told that the 'we don't care' refers to how the kids want the candy so badly they aren't afraid of the bats. Unrecorded spin offs include 'Bats and Grampires' and several other spooky combinations.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Soccer Parade

In between kindergarten homework and house renovations, Monkey has been playing soccer. Grandma T is the coach, Aunt A is the assistant coach, and RHCR is his enthusiastic team mate. Mrs. Z is in charge of keeping our newest cousin, A, entertained during soccer type activities. It's a pretty sweet deal. 

A weekend or two ago the soccer team was in the local Fall Festival parade. Monkey had a FANTASTIC time waving to the people and throwing candy. 

With the aforementioned cousin A. Mrs. Z was the only one sunburned. Naturally. 

Their team name is Dynamite. Monkey loves to do his cheer. It goes like this: "Dynamite!"

He's really enjoying playing soccer, and it's nice to have some time with the new neph and enjoy the fantastic fall weather we've been having. It's a good break from the stresses of running our real estate empire. That being said, we'll also welcome having full weekends open for house projects when soccer ends in a few weeks.