Monday, July 29, 2013

Costume time

Monkey has a thing for costumes lately.  He was especially excited to find a pair of 'grampire' teeth in his dress up box the other day. Hilarity ensued. 

The best costume of all is Obi Wan Kenobi, of course. We're planning to attend a Star Wars costume party in August, and he has repeatedly sworn that he will be Obi Wan for Halloween. It had to be Clone Wars Obi Wan. Of course. And he had to wear it to the mall to buy his new school uniforms. Naturally. 

"Take a picture of this side, Mom. So they can see the logo."

Friday, July 26, 2013

We built a wagon

Monkey received several excellent birthday presents, and we were very excited to see that one of them was a Radio Flyer wagon. Living in a park with a pool and a library and weekly concerts means that we will put it to very good use, and Aunt A and Uncle N also gave us a very exciting camp chair for picnicking and such as well. Monkey and Mrs. Z started the assembly in the front yard, and then Grandpa and Grandma T came by to help us put it together. Once we got it put together we walked down toward the regular Thursday concert but didn't make it before the last number ended. A lovely evening was had by all. 

With the exception of the images with him in them, Monkey was the photographer for all of these. 

He insisted that I get in and try it out. So I did. And then he grabbed the handle and started pulling. It was a delightful and comfortable ride, if I do say so myself. He pulled me around the corner and all the way back to the house. 

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Kindergarten. It's happening.

The other day we had a very special guest to our house: Ms. Schmidt, Monkey's teacher for the next two years! We were pleasantly surprised when we got a knock on our door right after she arrived, and it was the Head of School! ("He's the president", Monkey insists. "He's a principal", Mr. Z sniffs.)

Monkey prepared by creating a 'display' to help Ms. Schmidt get to know us. He wrote 'Mom' and 'Dad' by himself, and then we helped him spell the rest. Unfortunately, Monkey started his display on Sunday on the dining room wall, and we had a showing for Monday night. Mr. Z helped him rearrange all his notes into a manila folder. By the time Thursday came he had forgotten a lot of it, but he was able to show her his drawings of the buildings where we work and the monsters that he battles. 

We also bought some flowers for our table, and wrote out a list of our questions. Many of them revolved around Star Wars. Yes, he can bring Star Wars toys to school for daily sharing time. No, he can't wear sweat pants even if they fit the dress code. (Also, no on the light blue shirts, which was a bummer. Strictly navy or white on top, khaki or navy on bottom.)

The last question was a little emotional for Monkey - I think he had forgotten that I wrote it down and seemed a little embarrassed when I read it. They both handled it beautifully, though. We talked about how Jedi need to learn how to read and write, that they will do yoga and meditation at school, and that will help him in his battles. 

Monkey also selected some treats from the store. The watermelon cookies looked better than they tasted, unfortunately. He still ate two. 

The Zoo Keepers are feeling a lot calmer and more excited about kindergarten now that we've met Ms. Schmidt. She was absolutely lovely and we can't wait to see what exciting things happen in her classroom in the next two years! 

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Great white shark

At Monkey's preschool graduation they sang a song for us - The Octopus Song aka Slippery Fish by Charlotte Diamond.. Mr. Z reenacted this with Monkey afterwards.